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Sep 1, I realized that the person driving the car was the pizza delivery guy! A new embarrassing story every day from CosmoGIRL! readers!.
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And you may give your whole family a new awareness of the fact that the little girl they remember has grown into a thinking young woman. Notice how the one in the middle positions the mom to appear disarmingly small in comparison to her daughter.

'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' Star Lana Condor Tells Her Most Embarrassing Stories

Annenberg and Valentine would sometimes clash over editorial direction. One big source of contention was the subject of racial diversity. When Annenberg asked her to limit the number of black teens shown in the magazine, Valentine responded: Anyone who is offended by it should not be holding a copy of Seventeen.

As Massoni explains, Teena was never based on a real individual, but was a persona created by cobbling together data from surveys of teenage girls and their mothers during the mid 40s. Teena the High School Girl has a peck of problems. With the turn into the 50s, Seventeen covers grew progressively more descriptive about the potential flaws of the teen girl.

April and June The cover on the left lists: October and July And covers started pointing to celebrity content, too.

Pivoting from the 50s into the 60s, Seventeen grew more candid about sex, with cover lines like: May and January In the mid 60s, the magazine consistently included politically-slanted pieces, such as these: Sometimes, the overall heterosexually-directed, white magazine acknowledged homosexuality and race. On the cover on left here: I think I hope Helen Valentine would have been gratified by these instances, if not entirely satisfied. She always wanted more for the American teen than the American teen-mag seemed to offer. The January cover was the second to feature a black cover model: Pamela Jones, an year-old ballet dancer from the Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Around this time Drugs were both a frequent and explicit topic. An October cover wondered: Through At the same time, the magazine continued to publish on sex issues, including more candid discussions on birth control and reproduction.

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But this is my favorite cover from this decade, for how markedly 70s it is in its particular kind of un-hingedness. Joyce Walker, on the right, was the first black model to appear on the cover. I still enjoy looking at the covers, but most of the fun comes from imagining myself a teen during a time when I definitively was not. For instance, I find her cream-colored outfit and eight??? What are readers supposed to want more? Her hair or her midriff?

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Bluhm technically succeeded and the magazine did indeed engage in dialogue with many, many readers. As for racial diversity, American teens still deserve much more. Step this way to read the Seventeen book review contributed by year-old Eve Kosofsky. Jane Hu is saying it here , here , and here. Cover images from all over, but especial tribute goes to this great repository. This book review by year-old Eve Kosofsky later Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick , known for her brilliant work on queer theory appeared in the January issue of Seventeen.

THE 40s January and February Because suicide is funny Are they pretty to look at, soft to hold?

People who droop and just sort of drift around look like nonentities. If your posture is close to perfect, your head, shoulders, and buttocks will be touching the wall.

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