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Check your library for the book or Amazon which is where I got mine in perfectly used condition. I hope you all have a great week! I will be partying at the link parties to the right this week.

Check them out if you get the chance. And as always, leave me a note if you liked this post because I love to hear from everyone! I found something at the store the other day that I mistook for Puriton pottery. I found this little creamer. The design that I thought was Purinton was an apple design but apparently it was a favorite motif back in the day.

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The patterns are similar but the Purinton apple is open. The Watt apple is closed with a single curved swish of the brush. Traveling salesmen sold the crocks, jars and jugs they made to general stores and hardware stores throughout Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Indiana. He sold that company in Watt then worked for another important company with his brothers-in-law at Ransbottom Brothers Pottery in Ironspot, Ohio. But I digress, back to Watt. He kept it all in the family as it was also run by his sons, daughter and a few other relatives. The types of pottery they made were crocks, jugs, preserve jars and various sizes of mixing bowls, along with some other common stoneware of the day.

They managed to make it through the Depression, keeping employees working 40 hours a week which was a feat in itself. Women were replacing their cast iron cookstoves with porcelain self-igniting stoves. Electric refrigerators were beginning to become standard in kitchens across America.

Watt created a very popular line of ovenware that could handle very high oven temperatures.

There is modest collecting interest in Robinson-Ransbottom pottery

The clay they used was local and was a deep cream color. With a couple of additives to keep it from discoloring in the kiln, these became what we call yellow ware and are highly collectible today. They tried a couple of designs that did not do so well as they used raised decorations that either discolored or had rough edges. They finally brought in a professional artist that taught 15 people at different stations how to hand-paint designs.

Trade catalogs from Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Co. | National Museum of American History

Because the pieces are all hand-painted, no two are exactly alike which is what makes them so collectible. The Apple series was introduced in It was a best seller. See, everyone likes apples! Unfortunately, the Watt Pottery Company burned to the ground on October 4, They never reopened but Watt Pottery is just as popular now as it was then. Their pottery has withstood the test of time and graced many a kitchen over the years. I hope you have learned a little about a great pottery company that kept Americans working through some of our darkest times.

If you have a chance, leave me a comment to say hi or stop by my vintage store and take a look at some great vintage treasures from times gone by. I am not sure why or where it started but when I am in an antique shop or thrift store, I am immediately drawn to kitchen stuff, especially bowls. I have quite a collection. I really love the pottery bowls like the ones shown above.

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The ones above have an amazing relief of Viking ships being blown by the wind. There are no marks so I had to do a bit of research to find the maker.

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One great reference is Cajunc. This website helps to identify pottery in a variety of ways. This one I found sitting quietly on a shelf at a favorite antique store.

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The thing is, I use these bowls. I hand wash them when I do but they are just perfect for baking. I love it when I can find a use for them.

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They produced stoneware and some art pottery. Many of the early pottery pieces are not marked.

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Ransbottom refers to, there are far more people who have heard of Roseville, and will assume anything marked with that Ohio city's name is from the Roseville Pottery Co. Like Limoges in France, Roseville has become synonymous with a certain look, feel and quality of ceramic. People refer to a great deal of work as Roseville, when it may not be Roseville at all. I'm not suggesting people are trying to pull the proverbial wool over anyone's eyes, just that not all pottery marked Roseville is really Roseville. In other words, your bowl was made in Roseville, but not by the Roseville Pottery Co. In , it merged with Robinson Clay Products, and the company still exists today.

Trade catalogs from Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Co.

You can read more about its history at its Web site, ransbottompottery. It is one of the few pottery manufacturers that still uses local "native" clays, which are mined within about 10 miles of the factory. Can you provide any information? From what I can tell from the photo you sent, I'm afraid this note, serial number , is a very commonly found modern replica. The design and date are copied from the genuine note, but the paper is a brown parchment never used for genuine pieces.

If this were an actual document, it could be worth hundreds of dollars.